American Dream Not Dead

The American Dream Is Not Dead

“Michael Strain’s important book is a welcome antidote to the pervasive pessimism surrounding economic policy debates.” —Lawrence H. Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury

Primal Screams

Primal Screams

"Some basic questions of identity have overtaken Western politics in the 21st century, and before they can be addressed, they must be understood. With her characteristic clarity and breadth of learning, Mary Eberstadt offers a powerfully persuasive guide to why we are beset by these challenges, and how to take them on." —Yuval Levin, editor of National Affairs

How educate american

How to Educate an American

"Many of the most important policy debates for the future of America are getting no oxygen right now. In How to Educate an American we get access to a dozen and a half big arguments, and you should hear every one of them." —Ben Sasse, United States Senator from Nebraska

Why We Believe

Why We Believe

"A wholly impressive look at how our capacity for belief evolved, with fresh insights, especially about early Homo sapiens. I found Fuentes’ case studies on religion, economics, and love fascinating."—Barbara J. King, author of Evolving God

Redeeming Work

Redeeming Work

"Redeeming Work is a surprisingly rare and priceless find for anyone who desires to pursue a life well lived. Integrating timeless wisdom as well as the latest social science research, Bryan Dik brings a welcome and much needed voice to the crucially important matter of discerning and living into one’s calling. I highly recommend it!” —Tom Nelson, DMin, president of Made to Flourish and author of Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work

Courage to suffer

The Courage to Suffer

“Daryl and Sara skillfully weave together psychological theory, research findings, clinical wisdom, and their own personal story to create a powerful and insightful narrative that will be useful to therapists, researchers, and anyone who is suffering.” —Crystal Park, PhD, professor of psychology, University of Connecticut

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