Primal Screams

Primal Screams

"Some basic questions of identity have overtaken Western politics in the 21st century, and before they can be addressed, they must be understood. With her characteristic clarity and breadth of learning, Mary Eberstadt offers a powerfully persuasive guide to why we are beset by these challenges, and how to take them on." —Yuval Levin, editor of National Affairs

Why We Believe

Why We Believe

"A wholly impressive look at how our capacity for belief evolved, with fresh insights, especially about early Homo sapiens. I found Fuentes’ case studies on religion, economics, and love fascinating."—Barbara J. King, author of Evolving God

Walking Disaster

A Walking Disaster

“What a script: The head of a disaster institute, who trains others on emergency response, discovers he has Stage 4 cancer, putting to the test everything he has taught. Jaime Aten blends together what he has learned from disasters, both large and small, and offers practical suggestions that can equip all of us to prepare for our personal trials.” —Philip Yancey, author of Where Is God When It Hurts?

Science and the Good

Science and the Good

"[This] important and timely book reminds us that ethics at its best challenges rather than justifies the status quo, which is why a purely descriptive science of ethics is never enough.” —Julian Baggini, Wall Street Journal


Superhero Ethics Image

Superhero Ethics

“Travis Smith ably demonstrates that costumed characters have a bigger purpose in our modern world than just filling movie studios’ coffers. If you look closely—and Smith really has—they can teach us plenty about right and wrong in these morally murky times.”

— Reed Tucker, author of Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-Year Battle Between Marvel and DC

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