About the Press

Templeton Press (Templeton Foundation Inc.) was founded in January 1997 as a nonprofit foundation established by Sir John Templeton.

Since its inception, the Press has published over two hundred books in the core publishing areas of The Virtues, Science & the Big Questions, Health & Spirituality, and Individual Freedom & Free Markets. Within these categories, the Press is pursuing several book series that relate the discoveries of cutting edge research to a variety of audiences. These include:

  • Foundational Questions in Science, which was developed as part of a copublishing alliance with Yale University Press. Each book is written by a prominent researcher and is designed to examine philosophical assumptions undergirding research on questions of importance. 
  • The Spirituality and Mental Health Series, which is designed to educate both clinical practitioners and religious professionals about the valuable role spirituality can play in mental health.
  • The New Threats to Freedom Series, which consists of small books written by noted policy experts on critical topics that outline potential threats to individual freedom and free markets.

In addition to book series, Templeton Press creates a host of initiatives to engage its audience, from interactive websites to scholarship campaigns. Regardless of the category, the goal of Templeton Press is to be the driving force behind positive, enduring, and tangible cultural change.