Exam Copy / Text Adoption Request

Course use examination copies

Exam copies are sent to professors who would like to review the book before deciding whether to use it in a class. To request an exam copy, you must fill out the form below. It will automatically be sent to a staff member.

In our efforts to stay green, reduce expenses, and maintain scholarly accessibility, the Press is pleased to announce that many of our books are available as electronic downloads in the Adobe Digital Edition format for a 90-day review period. A traditional copy of the book will be sent upon request.

 If you chose to review the electronic version of the book and adopt the book for one of your courses, upon notification by you or your bookstore, a traditional bound book will be sent to you free of charge.

Desk Copies

Desk copies are complimentary books sent to professors who have already adopted the book for a course. To request a desk copy, instructors are encouraged to fill out the form below. It will automatically be sent to a staff member.

For e-mail inquiries, please use the Contact Us form located in the About the Press section of the menu.

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