Spirituality & Health

Integrating spirituality and religion into health care practices and institutions is a topic of increasing interest among many health care providers, spiritual care providers, academics, educators, and the general public. Chaplains, pastoral counselors, and parish nurses have long been integral to caring for the injured, sick, and dying, but today more and more medical professionals—even secular ones—are heeding the research that shows the positive value of incorporating patients’ spiritual and religious beliefs and practices in health care environments.

However, many questions still linger about why this should be done and exactly how to do it.

Our Health & Spirituality publishing list seeks to answer these questions. Drawing together some of the leading names in this emerging area of study—such as Harold G. KoenigElizabeth Johnston TaylorBetty Ferrell, and Christina Puchalski—this list covers a broad range of topics, including mental health, aging, palliative care, parish nursing, patient care, and more. Readers will find not only original research in this list, but also introductory texts, classroom materials, and handy pocket-sized reference guides that practitioners can use in the field.

Our founder, Sir John Templeton, had a motto: “How Little We Know, How Eager to Learn!” He believed in approaching the unknown with humility and openness. This relatively young field of study has nearly unlimited potential for new discoveries and progress, and it is a privilege for us to play a small role in that progress with our Health & Spirituality publishing list.