homepage_logo         Science for Ministry is a new initiative of the John Templeton Foundation that “invites organizations to develop programs that will help ministers and the congregations they serve to move away from simplistic ‘solutions’ to the tensions between science and faith.” Some of the institutions selected to participate were Asbury Theological Seminary, Fermi Project, Regent College, The Trinity Forum, and more.   According to the Princeton Theological Seminary website, J. Wentzel van Huyssteen, the James I. McCord Professor of Theology and Science at the Princeton Theological Seminary and Editor of the Templeton Science and Religion Series, will serve as codirector of the initiative at Princeton Theological Seminary.  
“This initiative,” says van Huyssteen, “is intended to address a common experience of ministers and scientists of faith who struggle to develop a constructive dialogue around issues of theology and science in their ministry contexts. We are seeking to equip leaders in ministry with the knowledge and tools to confidently respond to these fundamental challenges, and to do so in ways that encourage a transformational impact on their church communities.” Princeton Seminary’s program is designed for 144 participants from 72 Christian faith communities. Each community will send a scientist and a theologian to participate in a five-day introductory program that focuses on the two essential questions shared by theology and science: questions of origins and questions of human nature. Participants will then choose from a series of three-day and one-day events that focus on different facets of these questions, including topics such as evolution in both cosmology and biology, and cognitive science, neuroscience, and the human person. Each pair of scientist and theologian will return to their community equipped to further the dialogue between science and theology.
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