Yale University Press and Templeton Press Present A New Series: Foundational Questions in Science

Templeton Press has recently partnered with Yale University to release a new series, Foundational Questions in Science.

At its deepest level, science becomes nearly indistinguishable from philosophy. The most fundamental scientific questions address the ultimate nature of the world. Foundational Questions in Science, jointly published by Templeton Press and Yale University Press, invites prominent scientists to ask these questions, describe our current best approaches to the answers, and tell us where such answers may lead: the new realities they point to and the further questions they compel us to ask. Intended for interested lay readers, students, and young scientists, these short volumes show how science approaches the mysteries of the world around us, and offer readers a chance to explore the implications at the profoundest and most exciting levels.

The first book of this series, Does Altruism Exist? takes an evolutionary look at the question of altruism and its existence in not just humans, but all of Earth’s creatures.

The book has been reviewed by The ScientistBob Grant writes: Is this the last nail in the selfish gene’s coffin? I wouldn’t toll the bell quite yet, but biologist David Sloan Wilson does make quite a compelling case for altruism in his latest book, Does Altruism Exist? The author, a longtime proponent of the concept of group selection, argues that the social phenomenon does indeed exist and constructs a solid theoretical foundation for how the selfless behavior evolved and operates in social animals, especially humans.

David Sloan Wilson also interviewed with Joe Donahue on WAMC Northeast Public Radio. To listen, go to http://wamc.org/post/does-altruism-exist-culture-genes-and-welfare-others-david-sloan-wilson

This book can be purchased at the Yale University Press website.