Colleges That Encourage Character Development

A Resource for Parents, Students, and Educators

Edited by John Templeton Foundation

The Templeton Foundation Press is pleased to offer parents, students, and counselors the first college guidebook of its kind—one that helps to continue the strong character development that parents so deeply desire for their children.

The extensive research compiled by a group of educational professionals will feature four hundred college programs, including ones that emphasize academic honesty, service, leadership, spiritual growth, and substance abuse prevention programs. It will highlight one hundred “Honor Roll” colleges and will profile fifty college presidents.

The inspiration for this book comes from the lessons learned from a young man growing up in Winchester, Tennessee, in the 1920s. With a combination of hard work and family sacrifice, John Templeton went to Yale University, graduated with honors, and won a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University. His educational and personal experiences at Yale helped him to create a successful career in mutual funds. Several years ago, when establishing the focus of his philanthropic foundation, he asked himself, “How can I honor colleges and universities that provide young people with the character-building experiences I had when I went to college?”

Colleges That Encourage Character Development was created in response to this urgent and important question. It is an invaluable reference for parents and students looking for outstanding colleges. It can also serve as a resource for colleges that want to develop higher standards and better practices for their students.

Editorial Staff / vi

Introduction / vii

How to Use This Guidebook / ix

Part I: Exemplary Programs / 1

First-Year Programs / 3

Academic Honesty Programs / 35

Faculty and Curriculum Programs / 55

Volunteer Service Programs / 79

Substance-Abuse Prevention Programs / 111

Student Leadership Programs / 131

Spiritual Growth Programs / 153

Civic Education Programs / 175

Character and Sexuality Programs / 197

Senior-Year Programs / 209

Part II: Presidential Leadership / 227

Part III: The Templeton Honor Roll / 279

Identification and Selection Process / 381

Advisory Board / 382

Glossary / 383

Resource Directory of Higher-Education Organizations / 387

Indexes / 397

Listing of Profiled Schools Alphabetically / 397

Listing of Profiled Schools by Category / 400

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