The Connections Paradigm

Ancient Jewish Wisdom for Modern Mental Health

David H. Rosmarin, PhD

At a time when individuals suffer as never before from feelings of isolation, when suicide ranks as the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, this book introduces an approach to mental health that dates back 3,000 years, to an ancient body of Jewish spiritual wisdom. Known as ‘The Connections Paradigm,’ this approach has been passed down from generation to generation, rabbi to rabbi, and is presented here for the first time to a wide audience.  

The idea behind the paradigm is that a human being, at any given moment, is either “connected” or “disconnected” across three key relationships. To be “connected” means to be in a loving, harmonious, and fulfilling relationship, and to be “disconnected” means, of course, the opposite. The three relationships in question consist of the relationship between our souls and our bodies, ourselves and others, and ourselves and God.

Each relationship depends on the one that precedes it; they are hierarchical in that way. This means that we can’t connect with God if we can’t connect with others, and we can’t connect with others if we can’t connect with ourselves.

Dr. David Rosmarin takes these three relationships one at a time, devoting a section to each of them, and describing techniques and practices to become a more connected individual.  He also uses compelling cases studies drawn from his clinical practice to show the process in action.

Whether you’re a clinician working with clients, or a person seeking the healing balm of wisdom; whether you’re a member of the Jewish faith, or a person open to new spiritual perspectives—you will find this book sensible, practical, and timely, because, for all of us, connection leads to mental health.