Carrie York Al-Karam

Carrie Al-Karam

Carrie York Al-Karam, PhD is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Departments of Religious Studies and International Studies at the University of Iowa. She conducts research, publishes, and teaches on Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Islamic Psychology and Muslim Mental Health, and Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy. Dr. Al-Karam is also the Director of Al-Karam Lab for Islamic Psychology. Coming from a multi-disciplinary academic background, she has a PhD in Psychology, an MA in Middle East Studies, and a BA in International Studies. Originally from upstate NY, she lived abroad for nearly 17 years in places such as the United Arab Emirates (10 years), Lebanon, France, Russia, Latvia, Turkey, and Singapore. Her most recent co-edited book is Mental Health and Psychological Practice in the United Arab Emirates (2015).