Curious History of God

Russell Stannard

Illustrated by Taffy Davies

Stories in the Bible present pictures of God that can be confusing, but author Russell Stannard shows young people how apparent inconsistencies in descriptions of God in the Bible stories are merely people from different places and times getting to know God better. In the same way as people's understanding of the world has changed and improved over time (through science), so their ideas and understanding of God have changed and developed.

Through a retelling of Bible stories, Stannard illustrates the expanding image of God from the days in which people believed in lots of "cruel, fierce and blood-thirsty" gods, to the times of Moses, Saul, and David," the most important king the Israelites were ever to have. . . . [H]e loved the Lord so much he was always making up hymns. These songs were so good, people still sing them today (you can find them in the Bible in the books of Psalms)." Imbedded in the stories are additional valuable lessons, like those gleaned from the prophets Elijah, Hosea, Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.

For many centuries, people thought their picture of God was complete: God had nothing more to reveal and people knew what there was to know. Today as science unveils the birth of new stars and planets, it is clear that God continues to create and people continue to learn more about Him. By showing the progression of knowledge from biblical days to the present, The Curious History of Godhelps children expand their own understanding of God.

What this book is about / 6

Greedy Gods / 11

Moses meets the mountain god / 15

Escape from Egypt / 19

An agreement / 22

Off to the promised land / 26

The kings of Israel / 29

Things go badly wrong / 33

Things get even worse / 37

Prophets to the rescue / 40

The rainmaker / 42

The wild man versus the wicked queen / 46

The man who loved his wayward wife / 49

Down with the rich! Up with the poor! / 52

Top god / 57

The king who tried to put things right / 61

Messenger in the mud / 65

Madman or genius? / 69

Mystery man / 72

Returning home / 77

The one who was to come / 80

The one who came back / 84

The story of God – so far / 88

What next? / 92

About the author / 96