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The Essential Worldwide Laws of Life

Sir John Templeton

Foreword by Stephen G. Post

What does it mean to live a good life? The major scriptures of the world, various schools of philosophical thought, storytellers, scientists, artists, and historians have all offered answers to this question. Surprisingly, many of these answers are common among nearly all of these sources. Famed investor and philanthropist John Templeton called these commonalities the “laws of life,” and in The Essential Worldwide Laws of Life he gathers the best of these teachings into an accessible and inspiring primer on these valuable lessons.

This handsome new volume is aimed at assisting readers of all ages and from all parts of the world to learn more about the universal truths of life that transcend modern times or particular cultures in the hope that it may help them to make their lives not only more joyous but also more useful. The laws that were chosen for this book are both important and possible to apply in anyone’s life. Each law is presented in an essay format, with applications, opinions, stories, examples, and quotations offered to emphasize the validity of the law. Each quotation that serves as the title of an essay points to a particular law that holds true for most people under most circumstances.

The material is designed to inspire as well as encourage readers, to help them consider more deeply the laws they personally live by, and to reap the rewards of their practical application.

Foreword / vii

Introduction / xv

1. Controlling Your Mind / 3

2. Building Character / 23

3. Forging Attitudes and Beliefs / 43

4. Helping Others / 51

5. Learning / 65

6. Examining Ourselves / 81

7. Planning Your Life’s Journey / 101

8. Making Every Moment Count / 115

9. Practicing Forgiveness / 123

10. Embracing Humility / 133

11. Overcoming Fear / 141

12. Demonstrating Courage / 147

13. Sharing Love / 157

14. Giving and Receiving / 169

15. Giving Thanks / 193

16. Praying / 209

17. Awakening Spiritual Growth / 219

18. Finding Joy / 249

19. Pursuing Your Dreams / 273

20. Discovering Your Life’s Purpose / 295

21. Celebrating Success / 315

Bibliography / 331

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In this inspirational guide for general readers of all ages, [Templeton] culls common principles and universal truths from various philosophers, storytellers, artists, historians, and the Bible, leading to insight on the meaning of life and the best way to live it. Underlying Templeton’s philosophy is the conviction that our thoughts manifest in daily life and that we are ultimately responsible for creating our lives. Some areas receiving his attention are helping others, embracing humility, sharing love, and finding joy.