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Faith and Mental Health

Religious Resources for Healing

Harold G. Koenig

Dr. Harold Koenig is the brand in the growing field of spirituality and health. His groundbreaking research has been featured on national and international television and radio shows, on the covers of magazines, and in the headlines of newspapers.

Now he opens a window on mental health, providing an unprecedented source of practical information about the relationship between religion mental health. Dr. Koenig examines how Christianity and other world religions deliver mental health services today, and he makes recommendations, based on research, expertise, and experience, for new programs to meet local needs.

Meticulously researched and documented, Faith and Mental Health includes:

  • Research on the relationship between religion and positive emotions, psychiatric illnesses, and severe and persistent mental disorders
  • Ways in which religion has influenced mental health historically, and how now and in the future it can be involved with mental health
  • A comprehensive description and categorization of Christian and non-Christian faith-based organizations that provide mental health resources
  • Resources for religious professionals and faith communities on how to design effective programs

Presenting a combination of the history and current research of mental health and religion along with a thorough examination of faith-based organizations operating in the field, this book is a one-of-a-kind resource for the health care community; its valuable research and insights will benefit medical and religious professionals, and anyone concerned with the future of mental health care.

Acknowledgments / vii

Introduction / ix

Part I. Historical Considerations

1. People and Communities of Faith / 3

2. History of Mental Health Care / 17

Part II. Research on Religion and Mental Health

3. Religion, Coping, and Positive Emotions / 43

4. Religion, Psychiatric Symptoms, and Disorders / 82

5. Religion and Severe, Persistent Mental Illness / 113

6. Integrating Religion into Mental Health Treatments / 133

Part III. Faith-based Mental Health Care

7. Caring for the Emotionally and Mentally Ill / 161

8. Local Religious Congregations (FBO category A) / 173

9. Networking and Advocacy Organizations (FBO category B) / 185

10. Mission-driven Faith-based Services (FBO category C) / 193

11. Faith-integrated Counseling (FBO categories D and E) / 205

12. Non-Christian Faith-based Services / 227

Part IV. Barriers and Solutions

13. Barriers to Research and Implementation / 243

14. Identifying Possible Solutions / 255

Glossary / 277

Additional Resources / 289

References / 299

Index / 333