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Is God the Only Reality?

Science Points to a Deeper Meaning of the Universe

Sir John Templeton (1912–2008) Robert L. Herrmann (1928–2019)

The great paradox of science in the twentieth century is that the more we learn, the less we seem to know. In this volume, John Templeton and scientist Robert Herrmann address this paradox.

Reviewing the latest findings in fields from particle physics to archaeology, from molecular biology to cosmology, the book leads the reader to see how mysterious the universe is, even to the very science that seeks to reduce it to a few simple principles.

Far from concluding that religion and science are in opposition, the book shows how these two fields of inquiry are intimately linked, and how much they can offer to one another.

Formerly published by Continuum in 1994.

Introduction / 1

1. A Short History of Saving and Investment / 10

2. American Political Realignment and the Origins of Welfare / 35

3. Wall Street and the Second Economic Revolution / 54

4. Depression and the New Deal / 86

5. The Great Social Security Debate / 110

6. The New Health-Care Imperative / 142

7. Houses, Highways, and Physical Capital

8. Education, Training, and Human Capital / 217

9. The Savings Strategy for Shrinking the Welfare State / 258

Conclusion / 277

Notes / 285

Index / 303