The Hand of God

Thoughts and Images Reflecting the Spirit of the Universe

Edited by Michael Reagan

Introduction by Sharon Begley

"This book will appeal to religious and nonreligious people alike. The Hand of God is essentially a compilation of the most beautiful astrophotos ever taken. The 100 or so images are from the Hubble Space Telescope, Europe's Very Large Telescope, the Anglo-Australian Observatory, NASA spacecraft, amateur astronomers, and many other resources." Astronomy

The Hand of God combines inspiration for the mind and spirit by juxtaposing majestic photographs of the cosmos next to illuminating words of scientists, poets, and theologians. It was once believed that to look into the heavens was to look into the face of God. The first Hubble telescope images from space, which appeared in 1990, confirmed that sentiment in ways beyond imagination. These eerily luminous landscapes, splendid with color and motion, gave us a glimpse into the outermost reaches of the universe—a vast, unexplored realm where spiraling galaxies cartwheeled, nebulae shimmered, and stars were born.

Throughout history, scientists and theologians, artists and writers, poets and philosophers have struggled eloquently to make sense of the universe and God's part in it. Together the images in The Hand of God and the accompanying reflections encourage a sense of awe and, perhaps, purpose in an age often hostile to both.

"This little book uses gorgeous pictures of astronomical phenomena and words from scientists, philosophers and authors to provoke thought on the subject of science and faith." The Seattle Times

"The Hand of God is filled with the most astonishing full color photos from deep space courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope and is filled with quotes from men like John Glenn and Nobel Prize winner Charles Townes, among many others. This would make a great gift for both those interested in science and its spiritual implications." Bookviews


  • Awe-inspiring photographs with comments from history's great thinkers of science, religion, and the arts
  • Reflections that encourage a sense of purpose and wonder
  • Excellent gift for readers interested in science or spirituality