How Large Is God?

The Voices of Scientists and Theologians

Edited by Sir John Templeton (1912–2008)

This new collection of essays reveals how very little we know about God and fundamental spiritual principles. In recent years, scientific research has revealed that the universe is staggering in size and intricacy, and some scientists are now suggesting that our definition of God is much too small. Nine distinguished scholars and scientists present their varied views on the dimensions of God.

Edited by philanthropist John Marks Templeton, this fascinating and challenging book continues the exploration of theological and philosophical implications of the momentous and accelerating scientific discoveries of our times.

Introduction / 3
John Marks Templeton

Part 1: Perspectives on Science and Technology

An Astrological Perspective / 23
Owen Gingerich

The Two Windows / 47
Freeman J. Dyson

Part 2: Approaches to Scientific and Theological Answers

Approaching God Through Paradox / 69
F. Russell Stannard

How Large is Faith? / 95
Herbert Benson and Marg Stark

No Place for a Small God / 113
Howard J. Van Till

The God Who Infinitely Transcends Infinity / 137
Robert J. Russell

Part 3: Limits to Scientific and Theological Answers

Voices of Theologians and Humanists / 169
Martin E. Marty

Frontiers and Limits of Science / 203
John D. Barrow

How Large is God? How Deep is Reality? / 217
Robert L. Herrmann

About the Contributors / 251

Board of Advisors of the John Templeton Foundation / 255