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Human Nature

Reflections on the Integration of Psychology and Christianity

Malcolm Jeeves

College and university professors have been demanding that this book, out of print for several years, be made available again, as it is unique in its field. This new edition, which includes a new preface and guidance to current literature, offers a balanced study of the implications of scientific developments in psychology and neuroscience for traditional Christian beliefs.

Malcolm Jeeves, former editor-in-chief of Neuropsychologia, a leading international scientific journal in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, explores the intersection of science and faith in defining what it means to be human. He reports on recent scientific research on consciousness and the link between mind, brain, and behavior. He examines issues such as determinism by indicating the possible relevance of chaos theory to enduring concerns about freedom and responsibility. He looks at similarities and differences between human nature and animal nature. He reexamines traditional dualist views of soul and body in the light of contemporary research on mind and brain and argues for a wholistic model. This leads to addressing questions such as: does spiritual awareness depend on the intactness of our brains or does spirituality stand apart from our biological substrate?

Jeeves' insightful analysis of the ways recent findings in psychology relate to certain Christian beliefs about people expands the global science religion dialogue.

Preface to the 2006 Edition / ix

Preface to Original Edition / xiii

Chapter 1 Approaching Modern Psychology / 3

Chapter 2 Science and Faith: Learning from the Past / 13

Chapter 3 Neuropsychology: Linking Mind and Brain / 32

Chapter 4 Neuropsychology and Spiritual Experience / 50

Chapter 5 Linking the Brain and Behavior / 73

Chapter 6 Human Nature: Biblical and Psychological Portraits / 88

Chapter 7 Human Nature and Animal Nature: Are They Different? / 117

Chapter 8 Personology and Psychotherapy: Confronting the Challenges / 134

Chapter 9 Human Needs: Psychological and Theological Perspectives / 149

Chapter 10 Consciousness Now: A Contemporary Issue /  163

Chapter 11 Explaining Consciousness Now: A Contemporary Issue / 185

Chapter 12 Determinism, Freedom, and Responsibility /  202

Chapter 13 The Future of Science and Faith: Beyond Perspectivalism? / 217

Notes /  231

Index /  241