Looking Forward

The Next Forty Years

Edited by Sir John Templeton (1912–2008)

Among the essayists, John Templeton gives his own optimistic view of the future and the world economy, focusing on declining trade barriers and the spread of free markets. Ruth Stafford Peale describes the future of philanthropy and charity. Dr. Denton A. Cooley, the renowned heart surgeon, tells of the stunning advances in medicine. The Reverend Dr. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president emeritus of the University of Notre Dame, shows the directions education must take. Dr. Armand M. Nicholi Jr., clinical psychologist at Harvard University Medical School, tells how to combat the stresses threatening families today.

“John Marks Templeton has achieved exemplary success in both business and philanthropy. For Looking Forward he has assembled a diverse and remarkable group of experts in their fields—including the environment, medicine, the physical sciences, religion, the family, and international relations—and contributed two stellar pieces as well. Together these essays dispel fashionable pessimism and show how the world can progress—and is progressing—toward a better future.” —Rupert Murdoch

Looking Forward celebrates the triumph of the human spirit at the dawn of a new millennium. In his usual thorough way, Sir John brings together the best thinking of the best minds of our time and, in the process, conveys his own incorrigible optimism and fervent belief in our essential spirituality.” —J. Peter Grace Chairman, W.R. Grace & Company

1. Introduction / 1
John Marks Templeton

2. The Environment / 17
Ghillean T. Prance

3. The Physical Sciences / 45
Owen Gingerich

4. Geopolitics / 65
Orrin G. Hatch

5. The Economy / 89
John Marks Templeton

6. Health and Medicine / 107
Denton A. Cooley, M.D.

7. The Family / 129
Armand M. Nicholi, Jr., M.D.

8. Education / 147
Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C.

9. Communications Media / 161
David Brown

10. Charity, Philanthropy, and Volunteerism / 177
Ruth Stafford Peale

11. Religion / 197
Robert L. Herrmann

Index / 219


Templeton has gathered here 10 essays written by international experts in that same spirit, which offer a hopeful view of the future. They discuss the environment, science, politics, world economy, health and medicine, the family, education, communications, philanthropy and charity, and religion. Templeton’s title is meant as a counterpoint to Looking Backward, Edward Bellamy’s dystopia.