The Mind of the Universe

Understanding Science and Religion

Mariano Artigas

The Mind of the Universe, written by a philosopher and physicist, provides a study in which a competent presentation of physical discoveries is combined with a rational search for philosophical presuppositions of science. An important contribution to the dialogue between religion and science, it will inspire new attempts at bridging science and philosophy in their common search for the hidden meaning of new scientific theories.

The explanatory patterns presented in this book will offer scientists, philosophers, and artists a philosophical unity on the topic, so important for discussing a holistic and consistent worldview.

"One of the many merits of this estimable book is to draw attention to coherence as a worthy objective for Christians engaged in balancing the diverse sources of their worldview." —Ernan McMullin, First Things

"In The Mind of the Universe, Mariano Artigas, a world-class philosopher, demonstrates profound understanding of the scientific method and of the theory of evolution. The book traverses some of the most challenging philosophical questions posed by modern science, from creativity and rationality to human nature, human values, and the meaning of progress. The writing is clear and engaging." —Francisco Ayala, Donald Bren Professor of Biological Sciences, University of California

Foreword by Cardinal Paul Poupard / xi

Acknowledgements / xv

Introduction / xvii

Part I: Science Transcends Itself

1. Science and Beyond / 3

2. The Presuppositions and Implications of Science / 27

Part II: Self-Organization and Divine Action

3. Natural Creativity / 61

4. The Intelligibiligy of Nature / 107

Part III. Scientific Creativity and Human Singularity

5. Reading the Book of Nature / 159

6. Man in Nature / 207

Part IV: Science and Values

7. Scientific Values / 251

8. The Meaning of Scientific Progress / 299

Bibliography / 343

Index / 357