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New Thought, Ancient Wisdom

The History and Future of the New Thought Movement

Glenn Mosley

Foreword by Sir John Templeton

For more than 250 years, the New Thought movement has impacted the thinking of millions of people throughout the world through its searching for spiritual truth in world religions and modern science. The New Thought movement seeks to help position the soul for ways of coping with daily living. Guiding principles include the centrality of mind, a focus on the immanence of the Divine within, the practice of metaphysical healing, and the clear distinction between Jesus, the man of history, and Jesus, the Christ.

In this book, Glenn R. Mosley chronicles the history of the movement, including biographical sketches and the philosophies of pioneers and influential leaders linked to the movement's development and growth. These include Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, the founders of Unity; Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind; Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Church of Christ Science; Ralph Waldo Trine, philosopher, mystic, teacher, and early mentor of New Thought; Joel Goldsmith, founder of The Infinite Way, among others.

Mosley reviews the various strands of the New Thought movement, including Unity, one of the fastest growing movements of our time, and its unique approach to the interpretation of biblical literature, both through silent and oral reading.

He explains the procedures and functions of areas of New Thought and answers questions that students ask about the Bible's relevance. He examines the changing faces of reality, models of relating science and religion, and ways in which New Thought is helping the world's religions grow. He concludes with a review of the World Parliament of Religions Conference held in Barcelona, Spain, July 2004.

Appendices include early New Thought participants and leaders, and a chart of the evolution of the New Thought movement, the preface to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, selections from the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, and Charles Fillmore in his own words.

Foreword by Sir John Templeton



1. The Fillmores and the Origins of the Unity Movement

2. The Unity Student and the Pursuit of Health: Spirit, Mind, Body

3. The Development of the New Thought Movement

4. The Joint Search for Spiritual Truth by Modern Science and World Religion

5. Helping the World’s Great Religions Grow

6. The World Parliament of Religions: Barcelona, Spain, July 2004

Appendix A: Preface of the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

Appendix B: Selections from the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

Appendix C: Charles Fillmore in His Own Words

Appendix D: Early New Thought Movement Participants

Appendix E: Chart of the Evolution of the New Thought Movement


Selected Bibliography


New Thought students who value the Bible as a guide book to higher consciousness will be thrilled to have this new exploration as food for thought.

Rev. Mary A.Tumpkin, President, Universal Foundation for Better Living


I read this book with much anticipation.

The book is divided up into several easily readable sections. The history of the Movement, the development & ongoing growth of the Movement, and a sampling of the Metaphysical Dictionary. There is an extensive bibliography and index, for further reference. I plan on reading much more on this subject, since Glenn Mosley has whetted my appetite for more.

I am highly recommending this book to our readers, as it educates on a ‘soul’ level. I have every belief that you will enjoy it as much as I have!