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Parish Nursing

Stories of Service and Care

Verna Benner Carson Harold G. Koenig

Revised Edition

The engaging stories in Parish Nursing provide accessible and enjoyable accounts of real parish nurses, both paid and volunteer, who attend to the needs of their congregations in a variety of ways, from home, hospice, and hospital visits to community outreach. This revised edition gathers their stories of hearing and heeding God's call, of their faith that they are doing the "right thing," of their joys, sorrows, and challenges, and of their quiet dedication as they offer their time and talents to meet the needs of others.

By offering inspiration and encouragement, along with a healthy dose of updated practical advice, this collection will make parish nursing theory come to life. These stories will honor practicing parish nurses, will guide the way for anyone contemplating parish nursing as a career, and will challenge church members and leaders to examine the role that their congregations play in health ministry—especially in meeting the long-term care needs of an aging population.

Preface / ix

Introduction / 3

1 Answering the Call / 9

2 Called to Serve: Ministry of Presence, Word, and Action / 32

3 The Journey of the Parish Nurse within the Church / 55

4 The Journey into the Community / 80

5 Preparation for the Journey / 103

6 Foundation and Models of Parish Nursing / 139

7 Establishing a Faith Community/ Parish Nurse Program / 154

8 Looking to the Future: The Next Generation of Parish Nursing / 166

Notes / 185

Index / 193