Turning Compassion into Action

Barbara R. Metzler

PASSIONARIES: individuals who transform their compassionate visions into positive actions that significantly change the lives of others.

Have you ever asked yourself, "How can one person really make a difference?" Passionaries answers that question with vivid, true stories of extraordinary social entrepreneurs turning their passions into action—and surprisingly shows how one person can change our world. This book captures an unsung movement unique to American culture—to create a legacy, make a mark, leave the world better. These modern-day heroes show each of us how we can do it too.

True stories of more than thirty-five individuals, ages six to eighty-nine, serve as inspiration and guides. Each profile describes the leader of an organization that has significantly impacted millions of lives. Every nonprofit is financially efficient, has made a material impact on society, and is volunteer friendly. Readers will learn about what sparked the original idea for each organization, discover the creative ways obstacles were overcome, and see the power of change rippling out to second and third "generations" of lives. Facts, figures, and contact information included may encourage readers to join the ranks of the more than 20 million like-minded volunteers who helped build the organizations.