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Possibilities for Over One Hundredfold More Spiritual Information

The Humble Approach in Theology and Science

Sir John Templeton (1912–2008)

Sir John Templeton challenges the reader to apply the same energy that has been devoted to scientific inquiry to the pursuit of spiritual information. The world is at a state of unprecedented technical expertise, but why has our knowledge and faith in our own spirituality stalled and become obsolete in recent times?

Possibilities for Over One Hundredfold More Spiritual Information seeks to address this question. It points out that our spiritual knowledge would also have the capacity to increase dramatically if we were to open our minds to the endless possibilities that await us in terms of our spiritual lives. These include altruistic love for all people, new knowledge of the Divine, and a greater sense of our place in the universe. In order for us as human beings to take advantage of all of the spiritual gifts that we have been given, we need to be open and receptive to our individual spiritual natures, and to open ourselves to the limitless spiritual possibilities available to us.

The book acknowledges the ancient scriptures and thinkers who have guided us for centuries. Vastly expanded research and the use of scientific method would only enhance our understanding of the wisdom contained within these wise teachings. The benefits of extending our spiritual knowledge might, in fact, exceed the benefits we have realized thus far from scientific and medical advances.

Possibilities seeks to reawaken our desire for spiritual knowledge pushed aside so long ago in our quest for scientific knowledge. When these fields work together, the world will reap greater rewards that we can ever imagine.

Preface / vii

CHAPTER ONE An Introduction for Humble Researchers / 3

CHAPTER TWO Humble About What? / 13

CHAPTER THREE What Benefits from Humility? / 28

CHAPTER FOUR Creation Through Change / 40

CHAPTER FIVE When Is a Blossoming Time of Humanity? / 51

CHAPTER SIX The Vast Unseen / 63

CHAPTER SEVEN Progressing Concepts of the Mystery of Time / 89

CHAPTER EIGHT Possibilities for Spiritual Progress? / 100

CHAPTER NINE Love, Humility and Free Competition Accelerate Discoveries / 118

CHAPTER TEN Can Earth Serve as a School? / 130

CHAPTER ELEVEN Creative Thinking for Increasing Discoveries / 139

CHAPTER TWELVE Infinite Intellect: Some Questions for Fruitful Research / 148

CHAPTER THIRTEEN What Are Laws of Spiritual Growth? / 153

Notes / 169


APPENDIX ONE Ninety-two Questions on Humility in Theology and Science / 171

APPENDIX TWO John Templeton Foundation Purpose Clause 1998 / 180

APPENDIX THREE Board of Advisors of the John Templeton Foundation / 186

APPENDIX FOUR Trustees and Members of the John Templeton Foundation / 196

APPENDIX FIVE Recipients, Judges and Former Judges and Presiding Officers of The Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion / 198

APPENDIX SIX Catalog of Templeton Foundation Press / 206

APPENDIX SEVEN Science and Religion Organizations / 212