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The Power of Forgiving

Everett L. Worthington Jr.

Forgiveness is a virtue that author Everett L.Worthington Jr. has advocated throughout his career as a counselor and psychologist. In this book, he explains the paradoxical power of forgiveness through his personal and professional experiences andthrough the wisdom of others. The paradox is that in forgiving for the well-being of others, we actually receive tremendous benefits for ourselves in terms of physical and mental health.

This book treats forgiveness as a quest to find the treasure of restored relationships, personal peace, and even health, which has often become buried in relational harms, betrayals, and injustices. Worthington shows how one begins the quest, prepares the self for the rigors of the search, and makes the journey.

In the process, he describes the resources and supports needed. He also discusses how enemies can continue to betray and how unruly angry emotions can arise but can be tamed by forgiving. Worthington shows readers the map to forgiveness using methods such as his time-tested and research-supported method of REACH, a five-step process of forgiving.

The Power of Forgiving will inspire people to use forgiveness. It will show how forgiving is a transforming process that will enrich relationships and empower people to improve their own lives.

Preface / vii

Lost Treasures / 3

Dangers on the Road to Forgiveness / 19

The Trek for the Treasure / 35

Digging for the Treasure / 59

Enjoying the Treasure / 89

Bibliography / 95

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Dr. Worthington has a profound way with words that make the whole journey and process a kind an caring one, rather than a deed that must be accomplished… or else.