Realized Religion

Research on the Relationship between Religion and Health

Theodore J. Chamberlain (1944-2010) Christopher A. Hall

Realized Religion includes research that investigates the impact of spirituality in health and healing, faith healing, religion and mental health, religion and life satisfaction, religion and mental disorders, religion and martial satisfaction, the effect of religion on suicide, and the effect of religion on alcohol use and abuse. This book documents over 300 scientific studies published by reputable scientific journals demonstrating that religion has an ameliorating effect on the survival rate of surgical patients, on depression and anxiety, on suicide rates, and on promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Realized Religion presents useful and helpful information to researchers and scholars who seek to understand the subtle connection between healing and spirituality. It will be an invaluable resource for libraries and others interested in the emerging field of spirituality and healing.

"Realized Religion is scholarly enough to ensure a following among readers who demand solid evidence and written with enough style to hold the interest of laypeople." — NAPRA Review

Acknowledgments / vii

Introduction: Realized Religion Defined / 3

Part One: The Relationship of Realized Religion to Prayer and Healing 

1. The Role of Prayer in Health and Healing / 29
Bibliography / 57

2. Faith Healing / 66
Bibliography / 75

Part Two: The Relationship of Realized Religion to Well-Being 

3. Mental Health / 83
Bibliography / 101

4. Life Satisfaction / 118
Bibliography / 138

5. Mental Disorders / 142

6. Marital Satisfaction / 158
Bibliography / 166

7. Suicide / 169
Bibliography / 188 

8. Alcohol Use and Abuse / 189
Bibliography / 198

Part Three: The Relationship of Realized Religion to Future Research

9. The Need for Religious Values in Empirical Research / 205

10. Christianity: A Model of Realized Religion’s Relationship to Health / 217