Redeeming Work

A Guide to Discovering God's Calling for Your Career

Bryan Dik

The world of work has undergone dizzying changes in recent years thanks to new technology and worldwide competition. For Christians trying to discern the right career path, the marketplace can be a bewildering and anxiety-provoking place. They might even look out across the secular economic landscape and conclude that fusing faith and work is an impossible task.
Adding to the difficulty is that many young Christians are encouraged to pursue careers in ministry, even though such a path may not fit their individual talents and interests. Nevertheless, most Christians entering the working world desire a career that is informed by faith and that serves God’s will.
Answering these challenges is psychologist Bryan Dik, one of the world’s leading vocational researchers and a man of deep faith himself. In Redeeming Work, Dik shows that the opportunities today are plentiful for a Christian to forge a career in line with God’s calling, and his invaluable guide is informed at every step by Scripture, practical theology, personal experience, and cutting-edge psychological research.
What’s more, readers of Redeeming Work have access to jobZology’s PathwayU, a robust online assessment tool, co-developed by the author, that recommends career paths that fit one’s unique interests, values, and personality.
The new economy may have forever changed the nature of work, but it has also created new ways for work to be redeemed and made a vehicle for God’s will on earth. This book shows readers how to hear God’s call amid the din of the marketplace, how to get started on a career that is right for them and their faith, and how to sustain their journey as the world of work continues to transform into the future.