Research on Altruism and Love

An Annotated Bibliography of Major Studies in Psychology, Sociology, Evolutionary Biology, and Theology

Edited by Stephen G. Post Byron R. Johnson Michael E. McCullough Jeffrey P. Schloss

Research on Altruism and Love is a compendium of annotated bibliographies reviewing literature and research studies on the nature of love. An essay introduces each of the annotated bibliographies.

A variety of literature either directly related to science-and-love issues or supporting literature for those issues is covered in the Religious Love Interfaces with Science section. This annotated bibliography is unique in that it approaches the field from a decidedly religious perspective. It includes classical expositions of love that continue to influence contemporary scholars, including Platos' work on eros, the work and words of Jesus, Aristotle, Augustine of Hippo, Martin Luther, Kierkegaard, and Ghandi, among others. The contemporary discussion includes Anders Nygren's theological arguments in his classic, Agape and Eros; Pitirim Sorokin; and others. An issue that often emerges in this literature is the question of the nature and definition of love.

A second annotated bibliography features current empirical research in the field of Personality and Altruism, with a focus on social psychology. Among the topics covered are the altruistic personality, altruistic behavior, empathy, helping behavior, social responsibility, and volunteerism. Methodologies are diverse, and studies include experiments, local and national surveys, naturalistic observation, and combinations of these.

The Evolutionary Biology annotated bibliography covers the most significant works on altruism and love in the field of biology and evolutionary psychology.

The fourth and final annotated bibliography in this volume is entitled Sociology of Faith-Based Volunteerism. Here the focus is on literature on the interface of helping behavior and religious organizations, as well as major pieces on voluntary associations.

Introduction / 1
Stephen G. Post, Byron Johnson, Michael E.McCullough, and Jeffrey P. Schloss

1. Research on Other-Regarding Virtues, 1998-2002 / 5 

Giacomo Bono and Michael E.McCullough

2. Social Science Research on Altruism,  Spirituality, and Unlimited Love / 62
Byron Johnson, Lia Fantuzzo, and Marc Siegel

3. Altruism from an Evolutionary Perspective / 117
David Sloan Wilson and Kevin M. Kniffin

4. Research on Evolutionary Biology / 137
Kevin M. Kniffin, David Sloan Wilson, and Jeffrey P. Schloss

5. Profiles in Unlimited Love: Lives Ennobled by Purpose / 183
Emma Y. Post

6. Religious Love at the Interface with Science / 215
Thomas Jay Oord

Contributors / 289