Spirit in Session

Working with Your Client’s Spirituality (and Your Own) in Psychotherapy

Russell Siler Jones

Talking about spirituality with a client can make therapists uneasy. It’s a sensitive topic, and an immensely complex one. The word “spirituality” means different things to different people, yet it plays an important role in the lives of many. 

That’s why therapists, to be effective, must be comfortable initiating and navigating these conversations, even if they are not spiritual themselves. 

Most books about spirituality and psychotherapy fall short in terms of their usefulness. Overly long, theoretical, and academic, they do not deliver the practical guidance that busy therapists want. What sets apart this new book by Russell Jones is its relevant focus, its down-to-earth style, and its nuts-and-bolts advice for talking with clients about spirituality.   

Written by a therapist with over two decades of experience who also trains therapists in using spirituality, the book lays out what real spiritual conversation sounds like in psychotherapy, identifies the spiritual themes and issues a therapist will commonly encounter, and provides the clinical architecture and sequence of these conversations. 

Spirit in Session also shares advice on how therapists (if they happen to be spiritual) can draw upon their spirituality in ethical and skillful ways.