Spiritual Investments

Wall Street Wisdom from the Career of Sir John Templeton

Gary Moore

Gathered here are seventeen sound investment principles that will help people make sensible choices for financial security. What is surprising, however, is how applicable these principles are to life.

Sir John Templeton, founder of the Templeton Mutual Funds, shares the basic rules he has used to create the world's best-performing mutual funds. For the first time, the underlying moral or spiritual principle is also explained to investors.

Through the inspiration of this accessible book, we can see how interconnected our money is with the other choices we make in our lives. Through a consistent pattern of decision making, we can learn to judge the true value of our investments—materially and spiritually. Using these simple guidelines, we can learn to create peace and harmony in our approach to life and, at the same time, create financial security.

Introduction / 1


1. Invest for maximum total real return. / 17

2. Invest—don’t trade or speculate. / 23

3. Remain flexible and open-minded about types of investments. / 29

4. Buy low—at the point of maximum pessimism. / 35

5. Search for quality when buying. / 41

6. Buy value, not market trends or economic outlook. / 47

7. Diversify. / 53

8. Do your homework or hire reliable experts to help you. / 59

9. Monitor your investments. / 65

10. Don’t panic. / 71

11. Learn from your mistakes. / 77

12. Use prayer to gain perspective and quiet your mind. / 83

13. Recognize the difficulty of outperforming the market. / 89

14. An investor who has all the answers doesn’t even understand the questions. / 95

15. There is no free lunch. / 101

16. Do not be overly fearful or negative. / 107

17. Those who do good do well. / 113

Sir John Templeton / 119

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