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Is Ultimate Reality Unlimited Love?

Stephen G. Post Sir John Templeton (1912–2008)

This book draws from previously unpublished letters and interviews with physicists, theologians, and Sir John’s close associates and family to present Sir John’s ideas on pure unlimited love. Post, who was in dialogue with Sir John for fifteen years on this topic and who had founded the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love (www.unlimitedloveinstitute.com), addresses how John Templeton arrived at his philosophy as a youth growing up in Tennessee. Post also shares how classical Presbyterian ideas came to synergize in his mind with the more eastern influences of American transcendentalism and the Unity School of Christianity and ponders if Sir John truly believed that science and spiritualty might fully converge on the same view of Ultimate Reality with their very different ways of knowing. Is Ultimate Reality Unlimited Love? presents Sir John’s hope for spiritual progress with the eventual convergence of ultimate reality and unlimited love at its very center.

Scientific and Medical Network

“This book demonstrates the centrality of unlimited love in Sir John’s life and documents his role in helping set up The Institute for Unlimited Love run by the author. The three parts explain why this idea meant so much to him, three primary evidences of his thesis, and statements from family members, associates and scholarly friends. The reader is left in no doubt that Sir John’s answer to the question in the title is a resounding affirmative, which he demonstrated extensively throughout his life. Indeed, he emerges from the book as much as a spiritual leader as a leader in business and philanthropy.”

“[sir John’s] accompanying statement is a very powerful one and includes the words: ‘Love is the most powerful dynamic in our lives and in the universe, and the more we learn about it and practise it, the better of the future will be… . Love is helping people to grow in creativity and discovery and vision… . Love is the power that binds the universe, that harmonises, that creates without destroying, and then enhances every aspect of a person’s life. And loved blesses not just those who receive, but perhaps even more, those who give. That is what I have lived by.’ This is an inspiring motto from an inspiring book, and one to which we can all aspire.”

David Lorimer