Russell Stannard

Illustrated by Jonathan Pugh

Sam didn't think much of religion. What with science being able to explain almost everything about us and about the world we live in, there didn't seem much point to believing in God any more. But then came the day Sam was exploring the Internet, and stumbled across God's website! At least, that was what it claimed to be.

Sam decides to investigate, and becomes engrossed in conversations with the mysterious person on the other end. Together they explore the great questions arising out of evolution, astronomy, cosmology, the laws of nature, and the possibility of miracles. Not that Sam knew much science. Fortunately the stranger was able to explain the science from scratch in a way that Sam could understand. They also tackled the problems of evil, suffering, and death; that really set Sam thinking.

Readers will be challenged to form their own personal responses to the issues raised based on a listing of forty questions at the back of the book. Sample questions include:

  • What do you hope to achieve in your lifetime?
  • Does belief in God play a part in that?
  • Do you believe in evolution—that you came from animals?
  • Do you think there is life on other planets?
    If so, does that make human beings less important?
  • Do the world religions contradict each other, or are they simply talking about the same God in somewhat different ways?
  • How should belief in an afterlife affect the way you live this life?

1. Logging On / 11

2. Take a Bucket of Slime / 25

3. Not a Very Likely Story / 39

4. Miracles or Packed Lunches? / 53

5. Seeing Is Believing—Perhaps / 65

6. Boring! / 79

7. The Silent Voice / 93

8. The Devil and His Bullies / 107

9. Paying the Price / 121

10. Where Do We Go from Here? / 135

Epilogue: Things to Think About / 149