This book is a boon to those of us who have avoided science in school, who don’t know the difference between particle physics and quantum physics and lately have regretted our youthful educational choices. I can understand the arguments in this book and so can any science-deprived humanist. That is not to say that the author is only a popularizer. Australian Professor Paul Davies has received many prizes, among them, the Michael Faraday Prize from the Royal Society and the 2001 Kelvin Medal and Prize from the UK Institute of Physics. In 1995 Davies received the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion from the hand of Prince Philip in Buckingham Palace.

The value of the book, however, is not the theology that concludes the argument, but the argument itself that "the universe can be understood by the application of the scientific method." (p. 203) and that such a scientific explanation supports creation through the very complexities, even the chaos of evolution itself. How? Read the book!

August 18, 2004