The most useful part of the book is the Honor Roll of Colleges. One hundred colleges/universities in which character development and responsibility are emphasized in overall campus programs are listed. Six criteria were used for selection: mission statement, faculty involvement, external recognition, outcomes assessment, programs that help create individual responsibility, and integration of personal and civic responsibility standards and activities into the core curriculum and academic areas. A school with only one of these six aspects would not be as effective in creating character development as are those on the honor roll. Therefore, the honor roll, on which are only schools that show all criteria, is interesting. This would be the most valuable section for any high school student and his or her parents as well.

This book is a guide or reference to choosing a college and was not designed for use by a college advisor. However, it would make an interesting reference book for a college or university interested in developing, implementing, or improving a specific program.

September 22, 2002